The Top 6 Recent Changes to Social Media Platforms so far in 2024

As a social media agency, we understand the importance of staying updated with the latest trends and changes in the digital landscape. Here are the top five recent changes to social media platforms that you should know about:


1. Instagram Introduces Collaborative Posts and Stories

Instagram has rolled out a new feature that allows users to co-author posts and stories. This means that two accounts can now share the same post, displaying it on both profiles and sharing the engagement metrics. This feature is designed to boost collaboration between influencers, brands, and content creators. It’s a great way to increase reach and engagement by tapping into each other’s audiences.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced collaboration opportunities.
  • Increased reach and engagement.
  • Shared metrics for better performance tracking.

2. X Expands Post Editing Window

X has finally addressed one of the most requested features by expanding the tweet editing window. Users can now edit their tweets within 30 minutes of posting, allowing them to correct typos or add context without deleting the original post. This update aims to improve user experience while maintaining the platform’s real-time conversation essence.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexibility to correct errors.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • Maintains the integrity of real-time conversations.

3. LinkedIn Adds AI-Powered Content Suggestions

LinkedIn has integrated artificial intelligence to provide personalised content suggestions for users. This new feature analyses user activity, interests, and network interactions to recommend relevant articles, posts, and updates. It helps professionals stay informed about industry trends and engage with content that matters most to their career growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Personalised content recommendations.
  • Improved user engagement.
  • Keeps professionals updated with industry trends.

4. TikTok Launches In-App Shopping Features

TikTok is expanding its e-commerce capabilities by introducing in-app shopping features. Brands can now create storefronts within the app, allowing users to browse and purchase products without leaving TikTok. This move is part of TikTok’s broader strategy to monetise its platform and provide a seamless shopping experience for its users.

Key Benefits:

  • Seamless shopping experience.
  • Increased opportunities for brands to reach consumers.
  • Enhanced platform monetisation.

5. Facebook (Meta) Introduces Enhanced Privacy Controls

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has launched enhanced privacy controls to give users more control over their data. The new features include more straightforward ways to manage who can see your posts, enhanced ad settings, and comprehensive data usage transparency. These changes aim to build trust and ensure users feel secure while using the platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Greater control over personal data.
  • Improved user trust and security.
  • Enhanced transparency in data usage.

6. LinkedIn Introduces Skill Assessments for Improved Job Matching

LinkedIn has recently introduced a feature that allows users to take skill assessments directly on their profiles. These assessments are designed to validate users’ skills in various professional areas, ranging from software proficiency to industry-specific knowledge. Upon passing an assessment, users receive a badge that is displayed on their profile, signalling their verified expertise to potential employers. This feature aims to increase credibility, enhance visibility for job seekers, and improve job matching by highlighting verified competencies.

Key Benefits:

  • Validated skills increase credibility with employers.
  • Improved job matching by highlighting verified competencies.
  • Enhanced visibility for job seekers with in-demand skills.
  • Provides employers with more reliable skill assessments.
  • Encourages continuous learning and skill development.


The social media landscape is continuously evolving, and staying abreast of these changes is crucial for maximising your online presence. These updates from Instagram, Twitter, X, TikTok, and Facebook (Meta) offer new opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and growth. As a social media agency, we are committed to keeping you informed about the latest trends and helping you leverage these changes to enhance your social media strategy.

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to reach out to us for tailored social media solutions!

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