New feature coming soon to Instagram!

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that allows users to share full-length Reels within their Stories. The feature is being rolled out in select markets and aims to make it easier for users to share their favourite Reels with their followers. With this feature, users can now share Reels up to 60 seconds long within their Stories, along with the ability to add their own commentary and stickers.

The new feature is also testing a “Reel Replays” option, which will allow users to watch a Reel more than once, even after it has expired. This means that users can re-watch their favourite Reels as many times as they like, making it easier to discover new content and stay up-to-date with their favourite creators.

The new feature is expected to enhance the user experience on Instagram by providing more opportunities for users to engage with each other and discover new content.

It will also give creators more visibility and help them to reach a wider audience by allowing their Reels to be shared more easily. If the feature proves successful, it may be rolled out globally in the future.

Watch this space!

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