Our Guide to Reels Best Practices

Reels are short, highly visual and engaging videos you can create directly in the Instagram app. Their best practice is to be fun and entertaining, with a WOW or LOL factor, pulled in quickly via intrigue.

Reels Best Practice

So how do you make a reel? Where do you start?

They should be:

🎥 Simple – don’t over complicate things.

🎥Entertaining – entertain your audience with short, sharp, funny clips.

🎥 Informative – Use them to inform your audience. How can your business help them?

🎥 Fun – Keep it light, bring up to 30 seconds of joy.

🎥 Twist – Can you give them a surprising and unexpected ending?

Reels Dos – Key Points

Do inspire creation.

Do share original & authentic content, created with the Instagram reels camera.

Do use the Instagram music library and audio tools.

Do stay relevant with cultural movements and topics.

Do have a WOW or LOL factor.

Do pull in the viewer quickly – the more intriguing the better.

Do have a fun surprise or twist for your audience.

Do follow Instagram Community Guidelines.

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